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“Dionne has a wonderful spirit in all that she does. She is conscientious and thorough. When she gave my daughter singing lessons, my daughter was so shy at first that she refused to sing in front of Dionne. Dionne then had her record her song in a different room and listened to it afterwards. By the end of their time together not only did my daughter sing in front of her but she performed in front of the whole school! Dionne would come up with different techniques to gently push my daughter to develop and be comfortable with her abilities. It was a truly amazing experience. Dionne is always happy and friendly, with a smile on her face. I would recommend her to anyone. She has made a lasting impression in my and my daughter’s life.”

-Charlotte Brady

“Dionne not only has a brilliant voice for musical performances, she is a voice for change and progress. Both voices have been a benefit to the Barbados Community College.”

-Roger Gittens,
Music Department Head,
Barbados Community College

“Dionne Lashley is very knowledgeable about music, especially in the area of vocal proficiency. Not only has she studied under the tutorship of some of the best in the United States, but her own performances reflect her vocal proficiency. She is very enthusiastic about teaching, always bringing a fresh approach and new methods to the classroom to encourage students of all ages to reach their full potential.”

-Dionne Timothy
Vocal Coach and
Music and Theatre Arts Tutor,
Barbados Community College

“I always feared the subject of music –  I thought that music was the area I would have the most difficulties in within the performing arts. When I was informed that I was expected to take a music class as part of my studies I literally saw F’s in my immediate future. Miss Dionne Lashley changed my mind-set. Through her I have gained an appreciation for various types of music such as  Baroque Opera, piano pieces from the Romantic  period and Gregorian Chants, and I have an  understanding of  their origin and structure. I can boast of the ability to read a music score and play simple tunes on the recorder.
Miss Lashley was a very understanding and disciplined tutor who showed her love and knowledge of music through the professional manner in which she conducted her class.”

-Alicia Edwards
Student, Theatre Department
Barbados Community  College


The students of Hopewell Elementary School made this giant-sized card as a Good-Bye present to me at the end of my student -teaching assignment with them in 2007. I will keep them in my heart forever too!

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